Why we left SugarCRM

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This is a short web page for our SugarCRM Pro Clients. Why Did 24Data Leave SugarCRM Corp. Just to give you a little background, the 24Data team has been in the CRM business since 1985. Our group has made a habit, over the years to follow CRM and Help Desk products. Every two years we would download and install products in our lab and test them, then vote on them.  SugarCRM is a products we followed for years.  We like SugarCRM as a product, the truth is we really liked the Community Version, but SugarCRM Corp had removed too many parts of it to make us want to work with it. So we became partners with SugarCRM Corp.  Funny Open Source is how SugarCRM got started. Long story short, SugarCRM Corp just kept letting internal people go, changing it sales policies and we kept seeing product issues with the new options they were bloating the product with.  Then there is SugarCRM support or lack of timely support. Mean while we discovered SugarCRM in the UK. SuiteCRM is a “Fork” built off of the Open Source SugarCRM Community Edition (CE), which many  other companies have done.  SuiteCRM has taken SugarCRM CE and added back all the missing modules it needed.  They have even added in a Client Facing Portal and Google Mapping.  This makes SuiteCRM equal or better than SugarCRM Pro or Ent.  See Chart to compare (http://www.24datasolutions.com/compare-SuiteCRM). SuiteCRM is FREE!  What we noticed is that too many clients had to watch budgets and would cut themselves short on how many users they needed.  That would contribute to a project failure.  Lack of training and/or doing a custom build also added into these failures.  With SuiteCRM being FREE client could afford to spend the money needed to correctly configure and customize their systems, plus train their team.  They could also put all their users on the system, since users did not cost anything.  This means more success, better projects, happier clients and best of all a better return on investment for the client. These are the basic reasons we left SugarCRM Corp.  If you with to talk about SuiteCRM and options we can offer you, please let us know. Contact US For SugarCRM support or Renewals contact SugarCRM directly at 408-454-6900 FYI: We will have low cost VoIP phone systems or Call Centers available for SuiteCRM very soon.  Testing now. Enjoy and we with you all the success with your CRM:  24Data