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suite_icon Yes it is really FREE! (See Below for Free Details)

SuiteCRM – Built on SugarCRM Community Version but SuperCharged!!

  • “The Open Source alternative to
  • SalesForce, SugarCRM or Microsoft CRM”
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  • We will show you a demo and/or give you a demo system to try for free.
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Why SuiteCRM?

  • What does free really mean?
  • The full version of the software is free (Unlimited Users)
  • The Client Web Portal is Free
  • The Mobile Edition is Free (QuickCRM Mobile Pro is a very low price)
  • You pay for the following: (All Optional)
    • Hosting with 24Data if you do not want to host  (Includes Backups)**
    • Professional Services: Custom Build, Training, Integrations,
    • Additional Add On programs if needed
    • Support if and when needed
**  We are Amazon Partners and host in Amazon.  The largest cloud in the world!

  • It is FREE so put your whole company on the system
  • Fully Functional CRM built on Sugar CE (Community Edition Open Source)
  • SugarCRM CE is the most widely used CRM in the world
  • Totally Web Based (That means we do not have to download anything to run)
  • Runs on Any Windows. MAC. Linux, IBM Workstation in a Standard Browser
  • Runs on any tablet with a standard web browser
  • You can install on your server or 24Data can host for you.
  • 24Data can support HIPPA

Here are just some of the SuiteCRM Modules/Options: 
  • Accounts
    Project Tasks
    Target Lists
    Email Templates
    PDF Templates
    Outlook Bridge
    Easy Customize
    Security Controls
    Languages (Many)
    Marketing Plans Great Support
    Client Portal

SugarCRM CE (Community Edition – Open Source) is the most downloaded Open Source CRM in the world. True “Open Source” means that the software has a sponsor and a team of people that support it in all ways, keeping it current and relative. Now we call that SuiteCRM!

SugarCRM Corporate does not seem to be interested in continued support of Open Source.

SalesAgility in London has been working with Sugar CE for 7+ years and has taken the torch to sponsor an updated Sugar CE Version called SuiteCRM. With a growing team of partners around the world SuiteCRM

What we have seen over the last 20 years, but especially in the last 3 years is that clients have such tight budgets that, even though CRM prices have come way down, people tend to cut back on number of users, training and custom builds etc.

This leads to a CRM failure! It is a known fact that when the whole team is on the system sharing and working together you have a greater chance of a successful CRM. All the other CRM License Based Vendors are license count focused. With SuiteCRM you are not charged for the product and not charged for licenses.

This flexible system allows you the client to:

  1. Spend money on User Training
  2. Train an Admin.
  3. Configure or custom build what is needed.
  4. Add Plugins needed to make a total solution.
  5. Put your whole team on SuiteCRM for the same Free Cost.
  6. Companies like 24Data Solutions have committed to not making money on CRM user licenses, but support, training and building custom SuiteCRM Systems to insure a better solution for clients.


If you had a small company of 25 people and you needed to put 20 in SalesForce or SugarCRM, etc.

  • SalesForce –- 20 x $100×12 = $24,000 Per year, every year!
  • SugarCRM –- 20 x $60×12 = $14.400
  • SuiteCRM — No License Fee — Hosting per year Approximate $1700
  • Savings SalesForce-Pro Save $22,300 Per Year SalesForce
  • Savings SugarCRM Enterprise Save $12,700 Per Year SugarCRM
    • SugarCRM Pro Save about $$6,000 per year and get less of a product!


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Now I bet that fits your target budget!!