SuiteCRM – Outlook and Thunderbird

email-jpg1   Here is the story on SuiteCRM and email and there are several options to think about: 1. SuiteCRM has a basic email client built in. You can send and receive email and create folders.  Either sending or receiving mail you can “Archive” it to the record of the email address. 2. SuiteCRM comes with (included at no charge) a Outlook bridge.  This is a free and it syncs email, but not calendar or contacts.  The good news is that SuiteCRM will have and update for the Outlook Bridge that is included free and syncs Contact, Calendar and mail.  This is due out Q1 2015 3.  24Data lives on SuiteCRM and we use Thunderbird Email Client which is free.  Thunderbird is a cross platform product that runs on Apple, Windows and Linux.  To go along with Thunderbird we use Opacus Bridge Add-on for SugarCRM/SuiteCRM which is a very low cost.  Opacus has Bridges for Outlook and Thunderbird. The way we use email and Thunderbird is very simple.  All email that arrives into Thunderbird In Box is checked in SuiteCRM and if a matching email is that then it will “Archive” the email automatically and then change the color of the subject line to let us know that this mail was archived.  We can send and Archive just as easy as receive and Archive.  We also send tons of email directly from SuiteCRM because of the Email Templates and Document Storage in SuiteCRM. Link to Opacus in the UK –