Hosting Request Form


This is our hosting request form.  To help you understand why we ask all these questions, we will explain some of them here:

  1. Number of users:  As you know with SuiteCRM you can have from 10 to 1000 users, it is all a matter of hardware.  That is why we ask so we can size the hosting server, bandwidth and storage correctly
  2. Locations:  24Data deal with clients all over the world and also US clients that have people around the world.  Hosting location can be important and we have locations around the world that we can use.
  3. Special Needs:  All of the special needs take special care and setup.  That will effect the price.
  4. Type of Hosting:  Some clients want windows others want linux, but most do not care.  It does effect the price since Linux is free and Windows is not.
Hosting is for one year.  Renewals are due 30 days before end of contract.  Full Backups are offered on request once a month.  Please remember that the data and the SuiteCRM database along with the install code are always yours and you may have it at anytime.  What we give you is a copy of the Production MYSQL database and a zip of the web system install folder.  That equals a 100% backup that can be re-hosted anywhere.  Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to review the hosting quote.

This is the form we use to generate a 24Data Hosting Request..