Are you still using GoldMine Software CRM?

At one time GoldMine Software was the most popular CRM in the USA and Europe.  Sorry WAS is the key word.  GoldMine started as a DOS program (it was pre-windows).  Even to day after all these years it does not have an Account Table or Web Access! (Web is due out soon)  It still mixes Contact and Account, that makes it a Rolodex. GoldMine is still selling for $695 and $139. per seat but no Full Microsoft SQL or Crystal Reports.   So the price should be MUCH less.  Sorry for the long story.

How About FREE CRM – SuiteCRM based on SugarCRM, but much more.

So it is really free?  Yes Open Source cannot be sold, so what do you pay for?  You pay for hosting and support when and if you need it.  5 users or 40 users no charge.

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