GoldMine CRM

GoldMine Consulting Services 24Data Solutions consistently delivers competitive and innovative help CRM solutions to satisfied clients throughout the United States and around the world.  From consulting to installation and support, we can assist you in taking fixing or launching your CRM System.  Our professionals have extensive experience and knowledge in CRM, Sales Force Automation and industry best practices.  We regularly receive rave reviews on our exceptional execution.  Some of our areas of expertise include: GoldMine and Microsoft SQL Database GoldMine Version-7 through Version-9+ have included MSSQL as a database and FrontRange Solutions has been selling you additional licenses and upgrades (Per Directions from Microsoft).  You no longer need to pay anyone for MSSQL Licenses.  Last we heard GoldMine was going to stop including MSSQL with its purchase.  Why?  Easy answer is that you (that means anyone) can get Microsoft SQL Express for FREE and run GoldMine with that.  Microsoft has increased the allowed size of the database with SQL Express and might be a fit for many clients.  This does not work for larger clients, but ask us for details and we are happy to help save you money. CRM Assessments By using industry best practices and 15+ years of CRM Solutions as a baseline, 24Data Solutions consultants can analyze your current CRM environment and provide you with a summary of practical steps that you can take to align your CRM tools and processes with your business objectives or help you move to a system that will. Business Process Analysis Having a great CRM Tool does not guarantee a great system.  CRM is only as good as the business processes you use.  24Data Solutions consultants can help you analyze your current business processes and make sure they are aligned with best practices.  We can also customize your GoldMine system to ensure your business processes are integrated. Report Writing & Metrics One of the most frustrating, but critical thing that is needed from a CRM tool-set is getting useful and timely information out of it.  24Data Solutions consultants can assist you by making sure you get reliable and accurate data out of your CRM system so that you can make informed business decisions. CRM Training
24Data Solutions has an exceptional reputation in providing CRM Training.  Our instructors have real world experience in using, installing, customizing and building business processes around CRM.  We have dozens of satisfied clients who will vouch for our expert’s superior training methodology. Best practices that can help your company focus on meeting their business objectives.  24Data Solutions has CRM trained consultants that can assist you in designing and implementing business processes to take advantage of and align with the Industry Standards. Voice-Call Center Integration The Integration of Voice over IP (VoIP) with HEAT has given many of our client’s improved reporting, efficiency, and enhanced capabilities. 24Data Solutions has extensive experience in the implementation and training of IPCM.  We can also help you move to a system that is more designed for Call Centers. GoldMine Upgrades & Implementations 24Data Solutions has a long history in implementing and upgrading GoldMine systems.   Our staff has a thorough knowledge and extensive experience in assisting companies with what is needed to make sure their GoldMine system is up and running as quickly as possible while achieving their business objectives. Having the correct install is one of the things that many people overlook. GoldMine and The Future Having worked with GoldMine for over 15 years we understand how things with the product have changed and it has not been kept up to date.  We have helped many or our clients move to a more up to date system that is more flexible and easier to use and manage with Web and Mobile access. Please ask us how we can help you like we have helped so many others.

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