I have had many CRM tools over the years and non of them seem to work?

Over the years we have seen many clients that have gone through CRM failures.  There are many  reasons, some like these: No Training, Bad Install, Bad CRM Product, My people would not use the product, hard to understand, bad support etc. A CRM failure is a very costly project!  Not so much the money but more in people time and lost time working on what you do.  One of the reasons we moved to an Open Source Product was that we saw clients that would buy a hosted system, pay per month per user, plus extras and not have the budget to get training, custom data build, and get the help needed to build the right CRM system for you.  With an Open Source (Free) product your budget can be spent on the things that help you and your team have a successful system. There are over 1000 CRM systems out there today and many of them are either old with no new programming or very simple to the point where they are just a contact list or others that cost so much money that it is hard to justify the cost, even for just a few people. The leader in the Sugar world is SuiteCRM, so talk to us and let us help you understand why and let’s see if this is a match for your team.  SugarCRM Community is what SuiteCRM is based on and that has had more than 10 million downloads.  The most popular Open Source in the World!

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