24Data CRM Services

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24Data CRM Solutions

24Data specializes in sales force, client and marketing automation (SFA) (CRM).  We help our clients execute proven, cost-effective computer solutions to improve their sales performance and net profits.  Our integrated solutions can help your company or organization to:

  • Generate more prospects (and keep them)
  • Generate more repeat clients and increase the value of each current client
  • Turn more prospects into sales
  • Improve selling cycles and closing levels
  • Manage and analyze your clients & prospects along with the marketing processes
  • Increase customer repeats and loyalty
  • Increase overall CSI indexes

All sales organizations depend on timely up to date information and communications.  Whether they are located at the next desk or in the next state or another country.  24Data can integrate all information on clients, prospects, vendors and competitors etc… and allow your management team, sales team; telemarketing team, even shipping and accounting to all stays connected.  This will make them all into one central team sharing data, ideas, meetings, appointments, customer and prospect comments and concerns. The result is happy customers and more productive team members  Your company or organization will function as one solid, on time, in touch unit no matter how spread throughout the world they are.

24Data – Services

  • Sales Force, Client & Marketing Automation Consulting
  • SugarCRM Customization & Implementation
  • User and Security Setup
  • Client Database Conversion
  • Sales Processes Consulting and Documentation
  • Custom Report Design
  • User Custom CRM Training
  • Admin System Training
  • Total Life Cycle Projects

24Data – SugarCRM Versions 

  • SugarCRM Pro Edition
  • SugarCRM Enterprise Edition
  • SugarCRM Ultimate Edition
  • 100% Web Based
  • Available 24/7
  • Mobile Client included
  • Works on any OS (Linux, MAC, Windows)
  • Works with Outlook, Word, Excel out of the box