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The Secret “CRM Vendors” do not want you to know?

One of the “Best” CRM Systems in the world is FREE.   SuiteCRM, built on the FREE Version of SugarCRM CE.  Over 10 Million downloads and counting.  SuiteCRM now replaces all the things that SugarCRM Corporate left out of SugarCRM Community so that they could sell SugarCRM Pro and Enterprise.  SuiteCRM is SugarCRM SuperCharged!! Ask us now!!    Find out ifRead the Rest…

New VoIP Solutions This Summer 2015

VoIP Phone Systems and/or Call Centers for your Service Desk.  Yes, either full phone systems or something that works with your existing system.  One system that connects all your people from around the world (Just like 24Data).  These systems can be big or small, hosted or premise, but they will save you money and make like easy for your team.Read the Rest…

CRM – Help Desk & Service Desk — This is what we do!

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We started in the mid 1980s building CRM solutions for Mercedes Benz and over the years moved on to US Embassies and Federal Agencies and companies worldwide.  In the HelpDesk World we have done may Large Health Groups and HR Solutions throughout the US, plus all kinds of Help Desk/Service Desk projects. This is what we do, we are experts atRead the Rest…

QuickCRM Mobile – SuiteCRM – This is the best Mobile we have seen!

QuickCRM Mobile for SuiteCRM.  Works with any smart phone! Totally managed from inside SuiteCRM.  We have been doing CRM for 20+ years and this is one of the best we have ever seen.  Wh?, it is clean and simple and fast.  Easy to deploy and totally safe with SuiteCRM / SugarCRM.  Ask about a 30Day demo.  See more under \Products\SuiteCRM

SuiteCRM – The FREE “Open Source” replacement for SugarCRM or SalesForce or Microsoft!!

Replace SugarCRM, Microsoft CRM, Sales Force etc?  Yes! We knock them out of the park. Easy to use — Quick to Implement — NO HARDWARE! (Hosted) — 100% Web Based — Includes Smart-Phone App (Any) Remote Access — Works on ANY Pad or Browser or OS!  —  Supports most all Socials  — Easy to connect to other systems  — Now Do you need to learn more?  Built onRead the Rest…
24Data Solutions CRM and Service Desk for 18+ years worldwide! Let our years of experienced save you time, save you money and save you mistakes. 24Data is now a "Virtual Cloud Company" Let us show you how we did it!